Sport Premium


What do we offer in terms of PE in school?

Two hours (minimum) of structured PE. The range of activities undertaken at Mossbrook are;

  • morning physical wake up exercise
  • PE lessons (inside and outside) developing the fundamental skills linked to Real PE
  • iMoves dance
  • snooker and pool
  • swimming
  • horse riding
  • yoga

How much additional funding have we received?

2015 / 16: £8,370

2014 / 15: £8,370

2013 / 14: £8,000 

How has this been spent?

Funding has been spent on the range of services provided by LINKS School Sports. LINKS works in school on a regular weekly programme offering a rich range of sporting activities to enable all learners to be included. In addition LINKS provide CPD training for members of staff and arrange inter school sporting competitions at venues such as the English Institute of Sport.


What additional provision has the PE funding brought into school?

  • Inter school competitions in Boccia, curling and cricket through LINKS
  • Partnership with Sheffield Hallam sport and development students
  • Movefest dance festival
  • Ice Sheffield skating, bumber cars and curling activities
  • Bouldering opportunities
  • In school staff training – outdoor playground games
  • Training for staff - iMoves, whole staff CPD training through the year
  • A range of PE activities through school
  • Sheffield Hallam students have regularly attended PE lessons and arranged extra PE time to teach; goal ball, cricket, dance, seated volleyball and tennis skills (through LINKS)
  • A pool of resources between special / mainstream schools who are also partnered with LINKS to provide the greatest impact
  • Adapted cycling
  • Table cricket


What is the longer vision for PE in Mossbrook School?

Continue to work in partnership with LINKS to develop sporting opportunities, new activities and provide CPD training in school.