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Engage to Explore and Enjoy to Excel


We have a range of facilities and support available to our pupils. These are continually being upgraded as part of the school’s continued commitment to improvement.


Sensory Room

Following some very kind donations and the fundraising efforts of ‘Friends of Mossbrook School’ (FOMS) we have a small but perfectly formed sensory room that our children are able to access. Children use the sensory room in small groups to work on their communication and social skills.



Once again down to the hard work of FOMS we have a lovely bright library, stocked with a range of fiction and non fiction books. Children enjoy choosing a book and reading it in the library or taking it back to their classroom


Music Room

We have a well equipped music room with a range of equipment including pianos, keyboards, guitars, drums and an assortment of percussion instruments. All pupils have a music lesson every week and many classes choose to have this in the music room.


Ball Pool

We are lucky enough to have a large ball pool which our children love to play in. Small groups of children access the ball pool on a weekly basis. This pool is used to develop skills in a range of areas including communication, social and physical.


Food Technology Room

All children have a food technology lesson each week.


Allotment and outside areas

We have a fantastic outdoor space which our children access on a daily basis. Many of our classrooms have their own small playgrounds and in addition to this we have two large playgrounds with some static playground equipment such as slides. We have a couple of sensory gardens and an allotment which our children enjoy tending. We also have a wonderful lake which our children like to visit and a large school field that we use for sports days and our summer fair.


Calm Room

Many of our children find that on occasions when they are finding the day a little bit tricky, they need a calm space to relax and ‘chill out’ in. Most teachers try to provide a space within their classrooms and in addition to this we have a dedicated calm room where some children like to visit when they are finding their classroom too noisy or hectic.


Soft play room

The latest edition to our specialist rooms should be available to pupils in September 2019. Once again FOMS have raised funds and secured grants that will enable us to open a soft play room. The room is being developed over the summer and will be another space for our children to learn and play.