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Saturday 4th April 2020
Dear parents and carers,
I hope you are healthy and well on this lovely sunny Saturday - such a shame we can't really get out and enjoy the weather!  If your child is absent from school due to the Coronavirus and you received a Morrison's voucher from us before we broke up for Easter, your child is eligible for means tested free school meals. This means that after the Easter holiday, you will receive a weekly £15 voucher from the Government which is a contribution towards your child's food - you will receive this while ever your child is absent from school and the Government continues to provide the vouchers. In the meantime, Mossbrook school would like to provide you with a further Morrison's voucher for £20 - this is to help you to support your child during the Easter holiday. We have managed to get hold of the vouchers today and will post these out tomorrow. This means you should receive your voucher on Tuesday. I'm sorry we couldn't offer vouchers for a range of supermarkets - this would have taken quite some time to organise and our primary aim was to get something out to you as soon as possible. I hope it helps a little at this difficult time.
Thursday 2nd April 2020
Dear parents and Carers
It has been a few days since I checked in with you and I hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well. If you would like activities to keep your children busy while they are at home please look in the parents/carers section of this website - we are adding new ideas on a regular basis. 
Yesterday we found out that the Government will provide food vouchers for children who qualify for means tested free school meals. These are not the same children who access 'Universal Infant Free School Meals' which applies to all children in Reception, year one and year two. Children who receive means tested free school meals are likely to be those from families on low incomes. As a school we have already sent food vouchers to children who qualify for means tested school meals who are currently absent from school due to the Coronavirus so if you have received vouchers from us, you qualify for means tested free school meals and are eligible for a weekly £15 voucher from the Government which you will be able to redeem in a number of shops.
You will not receive vouchers over the Easter holiday period but we will send you your first voucher when we get back to school on Tuesday 14th April 2020 and then weekly while your child remains absent from school.  The easiest and quickest way to get this to you is by email. A few weeks ago we asked you to let us know your most up to date email addresses so we will use these to send out the vouchers. If you did not provide us with an email address or this has changed, please let me know on so we can email your vouchers to you. If we do not have an email address for you, we will post you your vouchers. 
If your child is still attending school and is eligible for a free school meal (universal or means tested) we will continue to provide them with a dinner. However we are unable to offer our preplanned menu due to limited availability of some items in the shops.

In other news we have been contacted by 'Magic Breakfast' who provide us with bagels and cereal each week. They have told us that on a weekly basis, they can provide five bagels and a box of cereal to 'children who are at risk of hunger' and absent from school during the Coronavirus period. If you feel that you qualify and would like to receive these items please let me know via email (address above) by 12.00pm tomorrow as I have to let the company know by 1pm. Once we know how many families would like to receive these items we can work out whether we can deliver to you or if we will set us a safe system at school for you to collect. 


And finally our next job is to work out  which children will be in school after the Easter holiday so that we can organise our staffing rotas. Government advice is still to keep your child at home if it is safe for them to be there but we appreciate that this is difficult for some of our children and families.  Most of you have indicated that you will be keeping your child away from school until further notice, a few of you have already let us know that your child will be in and some of you have told us that you will make a decision towards the end of the Easter holidays. If this is the case and you have made a decision, please let me know by email as soon as you can. If we do not hear from you Jess, Laura or I will contact you next week to discuss. There is no need to let me know again, if you have already told us that your child will be staying away from school. 

Thank you once again for your support and understanding during this difficult time. As soon as there is any more information to share, I will post again.






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