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Dear Parents/Carers


As you may be aware we are currently fundraising to improve the outdoor learning environments for our EYFS children. We have already spent some of the money on the Get, Set Go blocks, in a bid to show potential grant companies that we are serious about achieving our goal, despite the current situation with Covid.


We also intend to spend some more very soon – so watch this space!


You will see opposite that Emily who works in our EYFS along with Friends of Mossbrook School (FOMS), has created a flyer to ask your opinion about our fundraising efforts, but more importantly about your child’s experience at Mossbrook School.  Please complete and return to us, along with any photographs to :

 Your testimonies can then be shared with companies when FOMS are applying for grants to help us achieve our goal.

 Due to Covid, we are trying not to send as many letters home, therefore it has been uploaded onto here .

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

 Thank you!

 Gemma and all the FOMS committee                                                                                         


Newsletter April 2020 


 This term has been a quiet one for FOMS really. After our success in getting the soft play room installed last term we have set our next project as a BIG one – to improve all the outdoor spaces around school, starting with the two main playgrounds. However, we would like to thank the Abbeydale Rotary Club for their continued support with our fundraising efforts. Because of them we were able to add some additional equipment to the Soft Play room, which we could not initially afford when the soft play room was installed. The children have been loving playing with the Rocker and building blocks that were paid for by the Abbeydale Rotary Club. They also provided lots of windsocks to decorate our outdoor learning environments – sensory garden and the allotment. In addition, they were able to purchase four UV sensory packs and four packs of sensory equipment – valuable pieces of kit for our more sensory and tactile children. All in all, their support and contribution of £3000 worth of equipment has been instrumental in creating an even more engaging and worthwhile learning environment and experiences. 

Recently, I have met with one playground company and given them a wish list and we await a quote – probably one that is very expensive! I also had a meeting scheduled with a second playground company but the Corona Virus has prevented this from happening but this will definitely be rescheduled once we are back at school. We also had a School Disco planned and we had sold in excess of 70 tickets, which was brilliant but unfortunately, again the current situation meant we had to postpone this event. However, we would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all those families and staff members who supported this event and we look forward to doing it as soon as possible. Similarly, our latest Bags2School collection in March was very good, we raised £156.

A&S landscape supply timber canopies. We have recently been in touch and they have kindly agreed to donate a large silver planter to the school which we will put in our allotment. They have also put us on their waiting list to receive some free canopies for our outside areas.  

Schools are often faced with tight budgets and can struggle to find funds to make improvements. A&S Landscape, a supplier of timber canopies, has collected information from 75 grant providers to help schools find a source of funding for their projects. This guide is updated monthly and can be downloaded for free here. 

If anyone has any other ideas about future events that FOMS could create or any other ways of continuing our fundraising efforts please contact school and ask to speak to Gemma.