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Friends of Mossbrook School

Mission statement:

Friends of Mossbrook School (FOMS) is a charity primarily consisting of staff members, but we do have some parents who attend regular meetings and contribute to our efforts. Due to Covid we have had to focus on fundraising more, as restrictions made it difficult for us to come together as a community in person. However, we are hopeful we can arrange some community events, such as our popular Pie and Pea Bingo night. Our focus at the moment is to improve the outdoor learning environments throughout the school, but this is a HUGE task! Although, over the last year we have managed to purchase some fixed outdoor climbing equipment for Owl class, and we are awaiting the delivery and installation of some more equipment for the two main playgrounds at the main site and the hub.

We are always very keen to organise community events where our parents and carers can socialise at coffee mornings, fairs and fundraising nights. We want to facilitate opportunities for them to meet each other, share their experiences and even speak to the FOMS committee who are committed to supporting them as well as their children.

Committee Members


Gemma Horsfield
Allison Burgin
Katie Gaston


Pie & Pea Bingo Night

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Remember to get your Pie and Pea Bingo's been a long time coming, but it finally returns! It's been a great night in the past so please join us if you can. Tickets are £6 and include a game card for Game 1 and Game 2, Pie, Peas, gravy and even Hendos! 


Super Scratch Card

Our main fundraiser this half term sees the return of the FOMS Super Scratch card where we have 300 numbers for sale.

Each number costs £2 and you can buy as many numbers as you want. Once all the numbers have been sold, three numbers will be drawn at random to create the winners.

1st prize - £150, 2nd Prize - £90, 3rd prize - £60.

To purchase numbers, simply send in the money, how many numbers you would like and what numbers you want (we will aim to get them but if not please provide some alternatives), or if you are happy for us to choose random numbers...and that's it!

Good luck!  

Pre loved uniform

Is your child in need of some new uniform? Then why not consider ordering from our preloved uniform stock, all items are £2 and all funds will go directly to FOMS. All clothing has been checked and is clean, in good condition and has plenty of life left in it, plus you will be helping the environment. Simply send the money in an envelope with your child’s name, class and what you would like to order. Items will be given out on a first come first served basis.

Click here for available uniform

Facebook Page

Please visit our new Facebook page at:

Below are images of the children using our new climbing apparatus that has been purchased by Friends of Mossbrook School.