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Parent Testimonials 

 "Since my child has started at Mossbrook, we have been amazed at the progress he has made. Thank you for all you have done for him". (July 2022)


"It’s lovely to read my son’s report and to see the progress he is making since starting at Mossbrook; I am very proud of him". (July 2022)


"It was great to finally meet all the staff and see the surroundings at the hub. Everyone was professional and friendly. I am very pleased to see the progress my son is making, especially with his speech, drinking from a cup and being more confident. Thanks everyone who is helping him to reach his targets, I truly appreciate you all". (July 2022)


"I am amazed at how well my daughter is coming on at school. I am so proud of her and greatly appreciate what you have done for her". (July 2022)


"I would like to thank all staff for all they are doing to help my son and support him. He really has come a long way in a short time". (July 2022)


"It’s great to see how well our son has come on during the last year. I’ve noticed some great changes in him and it’s wonderful to see how much he enjoys going to school. I hadn’t realised how much he had learned and it really is amazing". (July 2022)


"Our daughter has had a really good year at school and signs to go to school all the time. It’s wonderful that her anxiety has reduced and she is now engaging in most activities". (July 2022)


"We are amazed day by day how our son has developed since he joined Mossbrook school. He became calm, more patient, understanding and is responding to a lot of instructions given by both languages". (July 2022)


"Our daughter has done really well. She has come on a lot. She is talking and communicating more. Thank you to everyone for everything you do for her. She is really good at Maths and Reading. She has been asking me to read to her a lot more these last few weeks. We are so proud of her". (July 2022)


"Thank you for all your help and support with our my daughter this year. She has come on in leaps and bounds since she started in September 2021". (July 2022)


"I think Mossbrook is an amazing school, all the staff and team do an amazing job.  Without the love and support you give my child I don't think he would have blossomed as much as he has.  You're all amazing and doing a great job.  Thank you all" (Oct 2021)


 "Staff are very informative about child's progress, behaviour and diet.  Parents are always informed about anything going on in school" (Oct 2021)


"Mossbrook has a nurturing family feel.  I'm thrilled at how much progress 'H' is making.  He loves school and looks forward to it on a Monday morning" (Oct 2021)


"We are very happy with the school and we think the staff are very caring and go out of their way to help the children" (Oct 2021)


"Thank you so much Mossbrook" ! (Oct 2021)


"'B' is very happy here,  all the staff are amazing with the children.  Would recommend this school to anyone" (Oct 2021)


"Brilliant school, so thankful for how you've helped my little one come on" (Oct 2021)


"Thank you for all you do" (Oct 2021)


"Teachers are very patient and understanding" (Oct 2021)


"Myself and all other family members have noticed a very significant difference in 'K' over the past few years since attending, thank you very much, you guys do amazing" (Oct 2021)


"Thank you Mossbrook staff, you have done your utmost throughout the pandemic and always" (Oct 2021)


"Thank you for your love and care you are giving to 'A' each day" (Oct 2021)


"We have only been at the school a short while but we can already see such progress" (Oct 2021)


 "I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have all done for L. As a family we will be forever grateful for everything Mossbrook has done to support him through his primary journey .The progress he has made is phenomenal. Thank you all so much."
July 2020


"My best memory of M in school this past year was the Christmas performance. He came over to you when you were playing the piano and you were great with him and let him join in. I won't ever forget that moment, seeing someone so accepting of M's curious little nature and encouraging him to take part. I wanted to tell you how much it meant to me" (July 2020) 


"We wanted to write to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for our daughter during her time at Mossbrook. She has absolutely loved her time at your school which shows how safe she has felt and how cared for she has been by you all. For the past seven years Mossbrook has been like a second home to her when she can be herself. We have always felt very welcome when we have attended events and we will always remember the amazing Christmas plays and lovely assemblies". (July 2020)


"I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, for all the support you have given my grandson. He loves you all and you have been amazing and made such a difference to him"(June 2020)


 "Mossbrook primary special school have been so organised and proactive. They've organised transport for children who still remain in school, and they've called numerous times to see how the families are doing and if there's anything else they could do. They've provided food vouchers on top of the ones from the government. They've offered to send breakfast to homes. I've literally been in tears as we've been so blessed by them and a thank you doesn't feel like it's enough" (April 2020)


  "Since my son has attended this school, he has improved on all aspects of himself including his speech, behaviour, learning and so much more.  Mossbrook have delivered on everything". (Jan 2020)


  "In the very short time that my daughter has been attending Mossbrook she has shown significant improvement in her learning and understanding and I thank Mossbrook for going above and beyond, not just for my child but for all children". (Jan 2020)


   "Since my son started at Mossbrook he has made great progress with his speech and voicing what he wants or needs and in turn I feel that Mossbrook are doing great work with him and it truly shows at home". (Jan 2020)


   " Joseph has settled at Mossbrook so well since he started in September.  He has gone from hating school to loving it and is excited to go in a morning.  We could not be happier with the school and all the staff.  Thank you".  (Jan 2020)


  " The staff and school are great.  The staff are very positive, caring and professional.  The school has a lovely atmosphere".