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Online Learning Information

11th February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Next term as part of the RHE (Relationships & Health Education) curriculum, where appropriate, our children will be learning about online safety. We will be teaching our children about this in school but as a lot of online activity takes place at home, we would like to enlist your support in teaching this very important area. Below are some useful links where you can get advice from trusted partners on internet safety, as well as links to the resources we will be using in class.  

I hope that you will find these useful to you.

Parent and carer resource links

CEOP- (The National Centre for Protecting Children) Think You Know website- parental controls.

CEOP- Think You Know website- internet of things- Bluetooth devices etc.

CEOP- Think You Know website- under 5’s

CEOP- Think You Know website- gaming

CEOP –  Think You Know website - online contact

CEOP –  Think You Know website – Jessie and friends

Netaware will give you information about widely used apps

E safety tips for adults

Internet matters website- general website for support  for parents and carers.

Internet matters website- app age rating explained


Online safety links

These are the links we will be using in class to support the delivery of staying safe online.

Butterfly,  Fox, Owls, Rainbow,  Sunshine, classes links

Timon and Pumba

Clicker the cat

Heron, Squirrel, Otter, Pheasant,  Woodpecker classes links

Smartie the Penguin story

Red and Murphy talk about how to help friends on line

Badger, Ladybird, Robin, Sparrow  classes links

Google Be internet legends parent site

CEOP Film : 'Lee & Kim'

Captain Kara and crew.

General resources


Be safe on line song


Jayne Leversidge

( PSHE Lead )