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The most important part of our work is to make sure that our children are safe.  The details of how we do this are in the school safeguarding policy.

All staff also have a copy of "Keeping Children Safe in Education" and have read that.

The school knows that children with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to abuse of all kinds, especially sexual abuse.  The difficulty that all our children have with communication means that school staff need to be especially vigilant for signs of abuse.

All staff are responsible for reporting their suspicion of any kind of child abuse to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

  • The DSL is Jessica Brooks, Deputy Headteacher.

In her absence it is:

  • Jo Harrison, Headteacher
  • Debbie Walker, Safeguarding Liaison Officer
  • Nikkie Bradley, HLTA

We have a duty to follow up any concerns and we take this very seriously.  We do this with families and other professionals.

This responsibility extends to recruitment.  As a school we follow safer recruitment guidance and are rigorous when we employ staff.